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Best Onsens in the Niseko Area

Best Onsens at Niseko Ski Resort

An Onsen is a Japanese bathing facility that is comprised of pools of naturally occurring volcanic hot springs. The hot baths are suitable for a relieving end to a long day, relaxing muscles and joints and soothing sore pains. Depending on the mineral composition of the water, the springs have said to provide other medical benefits as listed below. These will often be advertised by the specific onsen’s website.

Sodium Bicarbonate saline – for beautifying the skin
Hydrogen Carbonate – for smooth skin
Chloride – retains body heat
Sulphate – for cuts & bruises
Ferruginous – for recovering iron levels
Sulphur – for high blood pressure & joint pain
Carbon Dioxide – for high blood pressure and rheumatism
NOTE: Acidic Antibacterial – not recommended for people with skin sensitivities

Onsens are in abundance around the Niseko area and certain Niseko hotels, we will provide you with a link to an extensive list of all in our knowledge and suggest some of the best depending on your location.

All Onsens in the Niseko area guide here

If based in Hirafu:

Niseko Prince Hotel Hirafutei onsen uses 100% pure spring water with high carbon dioxide content improving blood circulation. The onsen is large but remains authentic, it has great changing room facilities, indoor and semi-outdoor pools including a plunge pool and a hot rock sauna.

Price ¥1000

Hotel Niseko Alpen has similar facilities to Hirafutei but on a smaller scale and has a nice stone interior. The water contains sodium-chloride and hydrogen carbonate.
Price ¥1000

If based in Annupuri:

Niseko Grand Hotel is one of the only onsens in the area that offers mixed sex bathing, where shorts are available to rent for boys and dresses for girls for the small price of ¥100. The onsen is set in beautiful natural surroundings with both indoor and outdoor pools. There are two baths of different water composition, one sodium-hydrogen carbonate and sodium-Izumi chloride for different uses. If based in Hirafu, there is a free shuttle-bus that departs from the Hirafu welcome centre and arrives at the hotel. Price ¥900

Ikoino Yuyado Iroha hotel has an onsen named “Bihada-no-Yu” which translates to “Beautiful skin bath” thanks to the water rich in Metasilicate. It is situated in a beautiful forest and has both indoor and outdoor pools and a sauna.
Price ¥800

If based in Niseko Village:

The Hilton onsen has stunning undisturbed views of Mt Yotei over a Japanese Carp filled pond from its wide outdoor bath. It also has a large indoor bath and great facilities, however all this comes at a price as the onsen is often very busy with tourists and guests from the hotel.
Price ¥1,000

The Green Leaf hotel has a traditional Japanese onsen, the rotenburo 

or outdoor spring considered one of the most beautiful natural rock pools, boarded with large boulders and pine trees. There are also indoor baths, a dry sauna and swimming pool with stylish facilities.
Price ¥700

When visiting make sure to bring your own towel to avoid extra costs (to rent is usually only ¥100), always obey the rules that will be signposted in the changing facilities or in the onsen and be sure to always be respectful.

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