Onsen monkey snow
1 Dec

Did You Snow? Fun Facts About Snow in Niseko

There’s a reason Niseko has such an amazing reputation in the global skiing and snowboarding community. As well as the breathtaking mountainous landscape, the reason is simple: snow, snow and more snow! As we enter the ski season, we wanted to bring you some frosty facts about our favourite ski destination’s climate: 

  • Niseko gets an average of 14 meters of snow per season!
  • The most snow falls between the middle of December and the end of March.
  • The consistent cold temperatures here are what keeps the snow in prime condition – slopes in the day are an average of -8degrees celcius, at night they can be as low as 20 degrees. 
  • Despite all the snow, Niseko can get pretty steamy. This is because Niseko is lucky enough to be home to yet another of nature’s marvels: volcanic hot springs. In Japan, a hot spring you can bathe in is called an onsen and there are many in Niseko – perfect for soaking aching muscles! Read more about them.

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