Japanese doll
15 Oct

The Haunted Japanese Doll – A Hokkaido Ghost Story

Now that it is October, at we are gearing up for Halloween. And what better way to get in a spooky mood than with a classic ghost story?

Japan is not short of ghost stories and we’re certain that this one, native to our island of Hokkaido, won’t fail to send a shiver down your spine!

There are many different incarnations, but a common version tells the tale of a three-year-old girl called Kikuko, who was gifted a doll by her older brother…

The doll was like any other Japanese doll, with a typical chin-length bob and fringe. Kikuko tragically died a year later and afterwards her family noticed something chilling: the doll’s hair was growing!

The little girl’s spirit was assumed to have possessed the doll. Now on show at Mannenji temple in Hokkaido, these days the doll’s hair is past its waist and it is said to continue to grow, even to this day.

People have also apparently noticed another terrifying development – the doll’s mouth is slowly opening… perhaps to reveal growing teeth!

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