24 Feb

Top 10 Reasons to Stay in Annupuri


  1. Compared to other resorts the lift lines In Annupuri are very short.
  2. There is a single Gondola that takes you one short lift from the top of the mountain.
  3. Annupuri has the best access to the amazing back-bowels and sidecountry.
  4. The runs lower down the mountain are very wide and less steep which is a perfect learning ground for beginners.
  5. Annupuri has the most and the best Onsens.
  6. Annupuri is much quieter than the other areas of Niseko and much more peaceful at night.
  7. The lodges in Annupuri are mostly traditional Japanese lodges which are reasonably priced and have an inclusive common area to meet fellow travellers. Some of the best accommodation options for lodges are the Oasis Lodge & Mountain Lodge
  8. The Lift tickets are nearly half the prices of the other areas and if you book online you can get as much as an extra 7% discount!
  9. The land is a national park and so the government has very strict low-density building rules so it will remain quiet.
  10. The lower number of people means there is generally more powder and less of rush to get to it.

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