20 Mar

Top 5 Things To Do in Niseko This Summer

With temperatures of up to 23 degrees, Niseko is the place to be during the summer. Here are our top five ‘must do’s’ to make the most of your summertime trip to Niseko.

1. Connect with nature
Niseko is surrounded by beauty so grab a pair of hiking boots and go see it for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sprawling forests and hundreds of different shades of green that surround you. If you have the time, take a nature and wildlife tour so a real professional can help you seek out the most beautiful spots. A full day hiking tour will cost around 3,000 yen and can be adapted to most levels of ability. If you’re visiting Niseko towards the end of April you might be lucky enough to catch the bloom of the spectacular cherry blossoms which happens once a year for eight days only.

2. Get out on the water
Niseko is surrounded by beautiful rivers and lakes so getting out on the water is a must during the summertime. Kayaking and canoeing are firm favourites amongst travellers but you should also try stand up paddle boarding, a more unusual way to see the water. Some companies also offer white water rafting trips along the thrilling Shiribetsu waters, starting at the foot of Mt Yotei. Each trip costs around 3,200 yen per person and will leave you filled with adrenalin and excitement.

3. Try something new
Whilst you’re in Niseko make sure you sample the local cuisine. Milk kobo ice cream is popular amongst the locals and a can be a very cool treat on a hot day. Wagyu beef is also a local favourite and although it is pricey, the succulent meat will definitely make your mouth water! You could always try something new like taking a sushi masterclass. A 4 hour class costs around 10,000 yen per person and is a really fun way to spend an afternoon learning some new culinary skills.

4. Do something exciting
Summertime is for letting loose so let your hair down and do something exciting. NAC adventure park is a thrill ride not to be missed. The adventure park route moves though trees near the family ski slope, from 5-13 metres high. The activity has 100 different elements, each with six different difficulty ratings. You can head to Mt Yotei via zip line or even experience tree diving. The park costs 5,000 yen for adults and 4,100 yen for children. The park has some height restrictions so make sure you check before booking.

5. Enjoy the view
Some of the chair lifts still operate during the summer months so hop on and go see the amazing panoramic views the mountain tops have to offer. You’ll get to see Mt Yotei at its best, against the bright blue sky backdrop with the sun shining down. Take some snacks to the top and enjoy a picnic lunch with a spectacular view.

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