15 Jun

Niseko Skiing’s Hidden Jewel

Niseko, known for housing the best ski resorts in Japan, is nestled in the Japanese Northern Island of Hokkaido in the Abuta District. It is situated approximately two hours from the airport in Sapporo. It provides tourists and locals alike with amazing ski slopes and beautiful scenery. The Niseko area is essentially divided into four areas: Niseko Village, Annupuri, Hanazono and Hirafu. These areas are connected by a single lift and are known as Niseko United. Throughout the years, Niseko has progressed to offering a wide selection of accommodation, various dining options, Cultural hot spots and up to date sporting activities. Locals are very warm, friendly and inviting to all tourists, adding more charm to this white paradise.

The Niseko area provides a wide range of dining options to satisfy tourists’ hunger cravings after a long day of skiing. For tourists who desire to experience the rich culture of the Japanese in its entirety, specialized Japanese Restaurants are the best way to go. Most of the restaurants only specialize in one food item, so it would be ideal to try out several of these. Some of these include Sukiyaki-ya (shabu shabu and sukiyaki dishes), Tempura-ya (tempura dishes), Tonkatsu-ya (breaded pork cutlets which are fried), Kare-ya (curry rice), Kaiten-zushi (sushi dishes), Ramen-ya (ramen dishes) and Soba-ya (udon and noodle dishes). There are various types of general restaurants available to tourists who prefer a wider range of cuisine and these include Izakaya (drinking restaurants that offer small dishes), Teishoku-ya (set menus) and Shokudo (restaurants that provide Japanese, Chinese and Western Dishes). Tourists may also encounter other dining options such as Yatais or food stalls that are movable, Rotenshos, movable stalls that are only seen during special events or festivals and Kissaten, coffee shops that offer ice cream and cakes accompanied with the beverages.

Asides from going on food trips, Niseko offers a wide selection of activity areas and nightlife options to entertain locals and tourists alike. Niseko View Plazas are rest areas on the side of the road that offer from simple amenities while others offer a whole range of amenities which include a hot spring, camping facilities and even parks. These areas also sell a variety of locally grown vegetables and are cheaper than anywhere else. The Niseko Village Ski Resort offers the one of the best skiing and boarding experience with its powder like snow and easy access to 3 other hills by a single lift. The nightlife here is very much alive. With the areas easy access to a huge number of bars and clubs, partying the night away after a tiring yet exhilarating day at the slopes is a good end to the day.

Extended stays in Niseko are ideal since there’s so much to do. Snowboarders and skiing fans reserve their stay weeks in advance in order to get the best deals on accommodations and ski package discounts. For more information on early bird specials, you can visit